We are pleased to announce that Waterlogic Ireland (Waterlogic Hydration Services Limited T/A Waterlogic) have acquired Tipperary Pure Irish Water (Sales) UC with immediate effect. Click here to read the full notice.
Tipperary bottled water coolers
Ireland's leading workplace bottled water cooler company

Providing a great tasting, high quality, convenient water cooler service for your office.

Our experts will make sure you choosing the best hydration solution for your needs

We provide a total water solution for your office hydration. Choose Tipperary and enjoy the highest quality bottled water coolers with nationwide delivery. If you’re interested in bottle free solutions then choose one of our Waterlogic products.


Leading provider in Ireland

Thousands of customers in Ireland have already chosen a Tipperary water cooler.


Fast and reliable water delivery

Your water will be delivered on the next available route after receipt of your order.

Pure Irish Water

Tipperary Pure Irish Water

From humble beginnings, our has grown to become a major national brand synonymous with quality.


Part of the Waterlogic Group

Waterlogic is the world's leading supplier of drinking water dispensers for the workplace.

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Enjoy all the benefits our customers enjoy

Expert advice

Expert advice
Our water experts work with you select a solution that fits perfectly for your office size and requirements.

Hassle free experience

Hassle free experience
Once you’ve requested a free trial one our sales team will be in touch to discuss your options and help get a water cooler in your workplace in no time.

Only the best tasting water

Only the best tasting water
The best way to enjoy Tipperary Pure Irish water at work fresh from the The River Suir, in the heart of Tipperary.

Flexible prices and packages

Flexible prices and packages
Whatever your requirements our sales team will work with you to create a bespoke package that is certain to leave you happy.